Logic Analyzer As Low-Res Display

Ted Fried of MicroCore Labs picked up a 1975 HP 1600A/1607A logic analyzer set over the weekend, his first instinct was to throw a Teensy at it!

The Teensy 4.1 was just the thing to provide 32 data signals and two clock outputs to the HP1600A logic analyzer, which provided some stimulus to the device and tinkerer alike, but then Ted discovered the “MAP” function! This allowed him to write to a 64×64 pixel map, the results of which can be seen below. This evolved into full-on monochrome BMP display, including a utility to convert the files to the MAP format, as seen in the first image. We can’t wait to see what Ted does with it next, and we’re guessing we’ll find out what that is on his blog.

Ted has is someone you’ll find all over our blog and forums with many interesting projects.