TOPS – The Robot Dog

We’ve all seen videos of Boston Dynamics’ robot “dog” Spot dancing, but $75K is a lot to spend. Enter Aaed Musa’s Traverser of Planar Surfaces (or “TOPS” – “SPOT” backwards!) which can get just as funky at less than 1/20th of the cost!

The project, which was inspired by James Bruton’s openDogV3 robot, took four months to build, at a cost of around $3,300. It features twelve custom high-torque actuators, a 3d-printed planetary gearbox, a carbon fiber frame, a 6S 5200mAH LiPo battery, and of course, a Teensy 4.1. Code, schematics, and BOM can be found on GitHub, with more detail on Aaed’s web site and Hackaday. And most importantly, you can regard its sweet moves in the video below!