Digital Instrument Suite

Jay Ackley has created a collection of musical devices called the NoPlay Digital Instrument Suite.

As Jay’s ambitions grew, it became clear that the simple saw wave output of the original microcontroller he was using was not going to work for his more advanced creations, which led him to dive into the world of Teensy and the Audio Adaptor Board.

The resulting Electrolute Mach 3 is a guitar-like instrument which allows the player to select a chord from one group of buttons and arpeggiate over the corresponding pentatonic scale with the other, using one of six different voices. Another device, the polyphonic Teensy LC-based Chordulator, plays first, third, fifth, and octave notes using pressure-sensitive resistors to affect the volume. Finally, the Teensy 3.5-bsed DrumTray percussion sequencer provides four 16-note tracks with adjustable swing, a 12-note 3/4 mode, and the all-important “party mode” which strobes all 64 RGB LED buttons. See them all in action in the video below!