Retrofitted Rodgers 32B Organ

John Kinkennon has retrofitted a classic Rodgers 32B organ using a Teensy 3.6 and custom hardware console.

John Kinkennon retrofits old organ consoles with new hardware, allowing them to be used with virtual pipe organ software such as Hauptwerk, Miditzer, or JOrgan. He used a Teensy 3.6 to retrofit a classic Rodgers 32B console, a process involving building custom hardware for the audio encoder, including input boards for pedals, stop tabs and pistons.

Kinkennon’s Rodgers 32B retrofit uses the Teensy 3.6 and plenty of chained 74HC165N shift registers. It has eight analog inputs plus eight GPIO open collector outputs which Kinkennon uses to control solid state relays that turn on audio power.

Kinkennon has helpfully provided code, schematics and other useful information for a number of his projects on his website. You can also find details about another one of his Teensy organ projects, a MIDI message receiver, on the PJRC forum.

Bionic Arm Exoskeleton using Pneumatic Muscles

James Hobson, better known as The Hacksmith on YouTube, has created a Bionic Arm Exoskeleton that features a Teensy 3.5 at the heart of its 86-component controller board. It is a fully functioning pneumatic steel arm based on the “nanosuit” from the first-person shooter Crysis.

In Crysis, the nano-muscle suits are worn by soldiers to increase their physical strength, speed, agility, and ability to defend themselves. In a video posted to his channel, Hobson and team walk us through the process of designing one part of the suit, a bionic arm, as a demonstration of the process needed for creating a full-body suit.

In a post on, Hobson further describes the research that went into the project including examining existing Pneumatic Artificial Muscle (PAM) systems that have existed since the 50s and comparisons to human musculature systems. Hobson also shares the schematic for the circuit for those who are curious to try their hand at the project.

Hobsons other projects include light sabers, the thermal vision helmet from Predator, and Wolverine claws. If you’ve been wanting to take your cosplay to the next level, his channel is worth checking out!

Sound Generation Board

This audio utility board was designed by Arthur Sobel to facilitate the construction of simple audio devices, and is showcased on on

On this board you will find a footprint for the Teensy 3.2 , a single channel PAM8302M speaker amp, MicroSD breakout board, and connectors for keyboard, switches and pots. It’s based on the NXP ARM Cortex M4 MK20DX256VLH7, which has AnalogIO with one DAC pin. It runs at 72Mhz, using a modified  MPR121 test library.