Game Boy (SameBoy) Emulator

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color sold over 118,000,000 units during their decade-and-a-half reign, but in case that weren’t enough, emulators like SameBoy allow you to play games like Tetris and Pokémon Gold and Silver on your Linux, Windows, or macOS device too.

Emulating a several-MHz 8088/Z80 hybrid on several-GHz computer with gigabytes of RAM is one thing, but what about on a microcontroller? Could the Teensy 4.1’s 600 MHz Cortex-M7 and 8MB PSRAM handle this task? That’s what Ryzee119 aimed to find out with their SameBoyT4 port of the highly portable SameBoy code.

The hardware consists simply of a breadboarded PSRAM’d 4.1 with USB Host Cable and an inexpensive 320×240 ILI9341 TFT LCD display. This simple hardware stack affords support for many (but not all) SameBoy features, including loading ROMs and saves from the SD card, use of Xbox 360-style controllers, and audio. Performance is described by the developer as “not quite perfect, but pretty good in some less demanding games!” Grab the code from GitHub and the handful of parts required to make your own, and let us know what you think, as well as which games you play!