PETT Plant

John Van Strien and team have created an interactive light and sound responsive sculpture called PETT Plant.  

This beautiful work of art can be programmed custom animations from and Android app.  It also has a sound responsive mode where the color of each stem modulates like a rainbow graphic equalizer.

PETT Plant also comes pre-programmed with several brainwave entrainment sequences.  In entrainment mode, PETT Plant will pulsate at specific frequencies to help move you into brainwave states conducive to inducing sleep, meditation or increasing alertness.

This video shows the PETT Plant in action

Thunder Mansion

Thomas Hudson and a group of people at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) have gotten into the Halloween spirit early with this freaky shaking haunted mansion.  The house is made of cardboard with some miniature skulls, bats, and cats laser cut out of plastic.  Thomas added lightning and sound effects as well as making the house shake.  This spooky house is an awesome prop to kick off the Halloween season.

This video shows the mansion in action


Thomas has made the code available on GitHub.

Video Wall

Wolfgang Höhne submitted his video wall project that he recently made.  The field where his football club plays it can be difficult to know the score and time remaining.  Wolfgang created a video wall to display this information.  It’s remotely updated by the announcer to keep spectators informed on the game.  Not every field is equipped with large signboards to display match information.  This project is a great way to solve that problem.

There’s a good write up of the project, including the code, over on

Phantom Limb Bionic Arm

Adrian Godwin submitted the Phantom Limb, a robotic prostetic arm created by The Alternative Limb Project and game company Konami.

The design for the arm was inspired by the world of Metal Gear Solid.  The arm is a elegant and beautiful design and is a far cry from many of the common prosthetic designs we are used to seeing. Adrian let us know that a Teensy 3.2 is used in the arm to handle lights, comms, and power control.

This video tells the story of how the arm came to be and an interview with James Young, the gentlemen wearing the arm.