Laser Tag Upgrade for Halo Style Game Play

Lazer Tag infrared gun system was one of the hottest new toys in the 1980s, with Tiger’s Lazer Tag Team Ops (LTTO) attempting to build on the franchise in 2004. Fast-forward another couple of decades, and Daverlee brings another great leap forward with his Teensy-based overhaul of the LTTO hardware.

With gameplay based on the Halo series, each gun contains a Teensy 4.1, LiPo battery and charging in place of the original AAs, a color ST7789 LCD substituting for the original monochrome display, a class-D amplifier and vibration motors for audio and haptic feedback, an RFM69 radio for communication, and NeoPixels to indicate team alliance and player number, as well as damage.

Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express powers base stations, with RSSI-based “radar” to determine player position and weapon range. More information can be found on the project’s Hackaday page.