Juno-106 Synth Clone

Edward Wang had a dream of owning a Roland Juno-106, buy no money to buy one. So actually maybe just one thing: an extreme desire to recreate the sound he heard on a Tame Impala album. Thus began the teensy-juno, a polyphonic synthesizer modelled after the Juno-106.

In addition to 8-voice polyphony, the teensy-juno features a flanger, offset, depth, and rate parameters, pulse, saw, sub, and noise oscillators, high- and low-pass filters, an ADSR envelope, pan, portamento, LFO with delay, and voltage-controlled filtering (VCF) by envelope, LFO and mod wheel. All these synth features are implemented using the Teensy Audio library.

In addition to the source on GitHub, there is an endearing account of the project’s and tribulations on Edward’s blog, as well as a video version, below.