TeensyStep Fast Stepper Control Library

Forum user luni couldn’t find a stepper motor library to meet his needs, so he wrote his own.  The library is able to handle up to 300,000 steps per second.

This video shows two steppers running up to 160,000 steps/sec.

There is a great write up and explanation on luni’s GetHub Page.  The page includes excellent explanations and diagrams on the three types of movements.

The library handles the three different movement modes when controlling more than one motor – Sequential Movement, Synchronous Movement, and Independent Movement.

Luni published performance metrics running 1 and 3 motors on 2 different boards.



Little Helper Hardware Multi-Tool

Phillip Schuster built a handy little mult-tool for working on hardware.

This neat little gadget can do things like generate PWM or DAC signals, read serial output of your microcontroller project, as well as several other useful functions.  The design of the Little Helper was inspired by the iPod interface.  It’s custom touch wheel allows for fast one-handed operation.

The project is open source.  You can find the code on Github.

There is some additional discussion of the project on HackADay.

Xodus Amplifier Upgrade

Travis Brown breathed some new life into an old amp by adding  a retrofitted display, a motorized volume knob, and improvements to the housing.

Years ago Travis got his hands on an old Ford Probe Audio Amp.  He got it working and improved the housing for it.  Years later he re-visited the amp and did a few upgrades on it, including a motorized potentiometer for volume control, a new housing, and a new display screen. His website has a great write up on the project.