Force Feedback Flight Sim Yoke

Patrick McFadden and the team at Iris Dynamics developed an affordable force feedback flight sim control yoke.

Force feedback yokes are about the realistic implementation of trim.   Trim adjustments, weight and balance changes, speed, and aircraft configuration all effect the natural resting position of the yoke. When you use a traditional yoke which does not allow this “neutral” position to shift throughout various states of flight, an unacceptable level of realism is lost.  This force feedback yoke gives a realistic feel to flight simulation.

The design is open architecture to allow users to customize and update every bit of the software and hardware.

Don’t Look at Me LED Jar

Marcus Olsson built a sound reactive LED jar for a music hack weekend.

He named it “Don’t Look At Me LED” because when turned up to full brightness it’s really hard to look straight at it.  That’s what 576 LEDs glued around a 16cm jar will do for you.  I love the sound reactive nature of this project as well as the scrolling text feature.

Project details can be found at:

Website Demo:

Website Build:

Monophonic Guitar Synthesizer

Forum user wolke recently posted about his monophonic guitar synthesizer.  This DIY project has an impressive list of features.  This is a German language video that demos the cool effects.  The unique sounds remind me of spaceage music.

The code for the project is posted on Github

The modified audio library is on Github as well

Discussion about the project can be found over on the forum.

Tron Disc

Jason Kotzin made some mods to an off the shelf Tron disc because everything is better with more LEDs.  What an awesome way to take an off the shelf prop and turn it into something pretty cool.

The code is open source and can be found on this Git Hub repository.

Low Cost Doppler Radar

J Beale took a low cost dopler radar and used a Teensy 3.2 and the audio library’s Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) function to improve the sensor range.  This is a really cool project.  He used the audio library for a non-audio project to make an inexpensive radar module work much better.

More information about the project can be found on this forum thread.


Addressable Dressable LEDs

Rafael Mizrahi created illuminated clothing using addressable LEDs.  This video shows about 300 WS2811 LEDs going up to 30 frames per second. Addressable LEDs really make for some amazing costumes.

Syphon, and open source technology for Mac OS X, was used to transfer video frames from Resolume to a Teensy though serial output.  The Teensy then drove the LEDs.

More information on the project can be found on Rafael’s blog.


The University of Applied Sciences in Vienna developed the FlipMouse, a replacement for a normal PC mouse to be used by people with motor disabilities.  This project really improves PC accessibility to those who need an input device other than a standard keyboard or mouse.

The full project information can be found on the University of Applied Sciences web site.

The design and source code files are open source and can be found on GitHub

FLipMouse Parts
Assembled FLipMouse