Sony PCG-K25 Laptop Keyboard Controller

Frank Adams converted a Sony Vaio PCG-K25 laptop into a Raspberry Pi computer using a Teensy ++ for the keyboard controller.

In this project Frank uses a Teensy ++ to handle the VAIO keyboard, buttons, and LED I/O.  It also replaced the control pad for the M.NT68676 video card.  The Teensy also monitors the battery voltage and returns the result over the I2C bus.

The Teensy is mounted to a circiut board that Frank designed to bring out the pins.  24 of the Teensy digital I/O pins routed to the FPC connector pads and the remaining I/O pins are routed to through hole pads for connecting other devices – touch pad, video card, LEDs, and the Raspberry Pi.

This video shows the Pi-Teensy laptop in action

The code for the project, as well as a great detailed write up on the project is available in this Github repository.