MRCC – MIDI Router Control Center

Everyone loves a crowdfunding campaign that delivers what it promised, and surely the only thing better is a campaign that delivers using Teensy!  Conductive Labs MIDI Router Control Center (MRCC) did for more than 240 backers. But what does MRCC do? Let’s dive in!

Zenbob describes it as “super deluxe high performance MIDI router,” featuring both traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI and modern 3.5mm input and output jacks, as well as 4 USB host ports for USB MIDI devices (or even a keyboard!). A USB client interface provides 12 virtual USB MIDI ports to your PC or tablet device. And if that’s not, an RJ45 port allows the addition of even more MIDI ports, anywhere you can reach an Ethernet cable. An OLED display and encoder, plus a button and RGB LED for each input and output mean you can do all of your MIDI routing without having to touch a PC! Find out more and order yours at the Conductive Labs web site!