Modular Datalogger System

Sophisticated, mature home automation systems like Home Assistant allow us to easily set up and monitor sensors around our houses without writing code or developing custom hardware. But where’s the fun in that!?

We think these are the types of thoughts Teensy forum user Fenichel may have been having when he decided to create his own data logging system from scratch, and deploy it around his house in various ways.

The system consists of multiple Teensy 3.5 sensor stations, each based on the same design, though evolving as requirements and applications develop over time. Data is logged to the Teensy’s onboard mSD card, or sent to a Teensy-based base station over XBee. Real-time clocks on the stations’ custom PCBs help keep things in sync.

Bespoke Windows software provides detailed reporting on the collected data, as well as a board manager for configuring the stations. The project is extensively documented in a 46-page user manual, and schematics can be found on the author’s web site.