Vortex Manipulator

Roger Parkinson made a very cool Vortex Manipulator, complete with a Dalek detector

Inspired by the vortex manipulator worn by Captain Jack Harkness of Dr Who and Torchwood, this steampunk-esque wrist mounted device includes a lot of useful features.  In addition to having clock, it also has a compass, picture gallery, heart rate monitor, and Dalek detector.

The device is powered by a Teensy 3.2 and uses an ILI9341 touchscreen for the interface.  The Teensy worked out well as a development platform for the project.  It had plenty of capacity to add more features as the project progressed, such as a heart rate monitor with an I2C interface.

Detailed information about the build can be found on this page.

Code and Eagle files for the project can be found on GitHub.