LED Gyro Sphere

NZDoug made a cool interactive LED sphere using gyro and sound sensors.

This nifty LED sphere has multiple sensors to make it interactive.  It features a gyro board and audio mice controlling 130 addressable LEDs.  The project uses takes advantage of the processing power and memory of the Teensy 3.6.

There are menu buttons on the sphere used to select up to 9 different effects:

  1. Gyro Color – Rotating sphere will change color of all LEDs
  2. Gyro Puzzle – Three Bands of color set by X, Y, Z axis control of the Gyro. The objective is to rotate the ball until all bands are the same color.
  3. Sound Meter – All LEDs (Great next to a Blue Tooth Speaker!!)
  4. Sound Meter – Single VU Meter with 130 LEDs spiraling down
  5. Dot Snakes Sound – 4 snakes run around sphere and change speed with sound
  6. Dot on Top – Gyro keeps color dot on top of the sphere when sphere rolled on floor
  7. Colorwash – Beautiful effect of all colors cycled through on sphere
  8. Dot Snakes – 4 snakes run around sphere at constant speed
  9. Gyrosnake – Sound changes color as LEDs spiral downward

Code, schematics, and build details are available both on the Hackster.io project page and Instructables