Kynetic 3D Printing Motion Control Software

Phillip Schmidt has written, from the ground up, 3D printing software using the Teensy 3.5.

Inspired by modern microcontrollers, Phillip wondered “With all of that processing power, could I create from the ground up a completely new 32bit 3D print engine that would improve upon the capabilities of the current 8 bit printer controllers?”  This lead to the development of the Kynetic CNC  software

Some of the current features include:

* Works with Delta, Cartesion and CoreXY machine configurations
* Stepper pulse rate at 100kHz
* Machine inverse kinematics computed at 4kHz
* My own trajectory planner with 100 block adaptive look ahead
* Program execution from SD card
* CPU usage is currently around 40% while printing on a Delta machine (Cartesian and CoreXY are roughly half of that)
* Reads code from any standard slicer


This YouTube video shows the software in action

Code for the project can be found on GitHub