Daft Punk Style Helmet

Love Props has made an awesome looking Daft Punk style helmet.

Teensy 32 and TeensyDuino powered light and sound stage prop. It features real time wire/wireless MIDI and microSD file MIDI driven light shows. It also can perform real time audio analysis, beat / tempo detection and real time music driven light effects.

The hardware technical specifications include:

*Complete full RGB lighting. 200 smd RGB
*No cheap wire soldering. Each panel has a custom housing PCB for a safe and durable soldering
*ARM Cortex M4 Teensy processor. Tinny and powerful processor
*Wifi NodeMCU. Allows Wi-fi interaction with the unit
*Accelerometer. Allows motion interaction with the unit
*Internal Microphone and Line input. Allows the unit to interact with music or sound
*USB and SD Card slot. Makes easier to add LED choreographies or update the OS
*MIDI support. Makes easier to add more LED choreographies without programming knowledge via MIDI
*Custom MIDI Library. Plug and play with the common music production softwares
*Custom chromatic library. Absolute control of the colors, saturation, brightness and timing for pure colors
*Internal LCD Screen. A 2 inch screen displays the menu of the OS. Scrollable with the right ear control knob
*Internal Fans. 2 fans placed on the jaw allows a cool breathing of the user
*Long-lasting autonomy. Powered by the 14 Amps LoveProps gauntlet, more than 6 hours of autonomy