Cuckoo Clock

Christof made a very cute cuckoo clock that tells the time with a ring of NeoPixel LEDs and marks the hour with a moving, singing wooden bird.

Christoph is from a region close to the Black Forest in Southern Germany, a region that is very well known for its beautiful, quirky cuckoo clocks. Traditionally these intricate clocks are mechanical, but Christoph’s version uses electronics and code.

This cuckoo clock uses a NeoPixel ring to display the time. On the hour, a servo opens the shutter, letting the bird peek out. The bird then sings, using a small speaker and the ever reliable LM386 chip to handle sounds stored on a SD card. The whole project is controlled by a Teensy 3.5.

For more information on the project, including more pictures and details of the libraries used, check out the original post by Christoph on the PJRC forum.