Burning Man Art – Ethereal Fleeting

Lukas Truniger, Itamar Bergfreund and Bruce Yoder along with a team of artists and makers created Etheral Fleeting, a beautiful art installation at Burning Man this year.

This beautiful installation generates a series of clouds that are held in place by a machine-like sculpture, lit up with different colors, then released into the desert at the whim of the winds.


The code and lighting team included Sophi Kravitz, Adelle Lin, and Matt Pinner.  Each of the 4 towers had 6 strips of addressable LEDs, controlled by 2 Teensy 3.2s with Octo boards.  They also used the Megapixel Contoller board (featured on our blog back in August).  Cat5 cable connected everything to a central computer (Intel Nuc) and communicated using art-net.

Code for the project can be found on GitHub.