Amiga Emulator on Teensy 4.1

Less than a week after the release of the Teensy 4.1, developer Jean-Marc Harvengt used it to create a miniature Amiga Emulator running at full speed.

For control input, Jean-Marc created a simple keypad made up of a selection of buttons and a joystick attached to a circuit board. In the video below, you can see Jean-Marc play a variety of classic games from Gauntlet to Xenon using an attached ILI9341 TFT 2.8″ display.

The games are loaded on to the Teensy’s onboard microSD card and accessed via a file list. A recent development which Jean-Marc posted to Github provides HDD support and improved sound.

The Amiga family of personal computers, introduced in the mid-80s, provided a leap in graphics and sound capabilities over previous 8-bit systems. Jean-Marc’s Amiga Emulator is a UAE, or an emulator which allows users to emulate Amiga systems. The “U” in UAE stands for “Unix” but was also jokingly said to stand for  “unusable” in its early development years due to the system’s inability to boot. Jean-Marc’s emulator, on the other hand, is delightfully usable and, for those who are keen to try, Marc has provided his source code and instructions.