YaRC Vehicle Series

Welters Hackz has published details of a series of radio controlled vehicles, the YaRC 1 and 2 and the latest addition, YaRC mark 3.

The acronym YaRC stands for Yet another RC vehicle. The first YaRC was made out of Lego bricks and used a Teensy 3.2, a Raspberry Pi and various motors. The second YaRC added in a camera for video transmission and a WiFi dongle to help with communication. The third YaRC kept the software of the previous two projects but upgraded almost all of the hardware, including a chassis upgrade and a newer Raspberry Pi.

Welters Hackz has done a great job of documenting the evolution of this RC project, with build logs, schematic diagrams, component lists, useful explanations and links to helpful code repositories. Check out the YaRC project pages for the YaRC 1 and 2 and YaRC mark 3 on Hackaday.io.