XR-1 Drum Machine, Sampler, and Synthesizer

We’ve covered plenty of Teensy-powered grooveboxes on the blog here before, but this Reddit post unveiling the Audio Enjoyer XR-1 really caught our eye. If you’re looking to go DAWless, this Teensy 4.1-powered drum machine, sampler, and synthesizer looks like a great all-in-one machine.

Modeled after Roland TR-909 sequencing conventions, it has 16 banks of 16 patterns of 16 tracks, with up to 64 steps per track.

Around back are standard stereo in/out and 5-pin DIN MIDI jacks, and eight 0-10V CV/gate outputs. Mono RAW or stereo WAV samples are stored on microSD, along with project data. The unit also features a capacitive touch keyboard and hard buttons arranged in an MPC-style 4×4 grid, plus an OLED display for presenting the UI. A demonstration of the XR-1 can be seen below, and Audio Enjoyer have a signup form on their website for more info.