VEGA – Eurorack Drum Synthesizer Module

With over ten thousand unique Eurorack modules out in the wild, the level of innovation and expanse of creativity is immense. This VEGA module from FASELUNARE is a prime example.

The button layout is designed to mimic the pattern of four stars in the Lyra Constellation: Sulafat (γ Lyrae), Sheliak (β Lyrae), Zeta Lyrae (ζ Lyrae), and Delta Lyrae (δ Lyrae).

The four-voice, 6HP, Teensy 4.1-based unit is designed for creating percussive sounds, with each channel able to operate as a synthesizer or play samples from the onboard SD card, and the unique interface providing 12 parameters per voice.

While the module is currently sold out, you can sign up for their newsletter to get notified when the next batch is available for pre-order, imagine it in your rack right now via ModularGrid, or preview its capabilities on YouTube.