Tuba Guy’s LED Tuba Lights

Jay Converse, The Tuba Guy, has outfitted his sousaphone with a sound activated LED system.  When he blows into his mouthpiece different patterned images come up.

Just one of his many very cool LED designs

He was at the Women’s March in Washington with his Sousaphone

This project makes great use of the Note Frequency tool in the Audio Library (see panel on right side).  The code was originally developed by Colin Duffy.


Saturday geek project. I got a new Teensy 3.5 because the audio board shorted out on my TubaLights version 0.9. The 5 red switches represent the entire stock of these single pole switches in D.C. I know because I scoured both Microcenters in town. TIL the nearest Radio Shack is in Warrenton!!!

You can view more of Jay’s tuba projects on his Instagram page captainsousaflame as well as his Facebook page TubaGuyFairfax.