Soundboard – Discord Sound Effects In Real Life

Mjd2dh and their friends were headed to a bachelor party, but how would they survive without their Discord soundboard?

Thanks to mjd2dh’s Teensy 4.1-based hardware soundboard, this was not a question that they ever had to answer, since the friends could now play their favorite sounds at will in real life!

“This project is stupid. Maybe the dumbest thing I’ve ever spent my time on.” states PJRC forum member mjd2dh. With that disclaimer out of the way, mjd2dh added 16MB of PSRAM for storing samples after they’d been loaded from mSD card. A MAX98357 Class D 3W amplifier connected via I2S, and a 4-Ohm 3W speaker provide the sound. Four wireless numeric keypads with their dongles connected to a 4-port USB hub, in turn connected to the Teensy’s USB Host pads give the friends their soundboard buttons. A custom C# utility facilitates sample management. See it in action in the video below!