SBUS Tutorial by Bolder Flight

Brian Taylor of Bolder Flight has continued his great series of tutorials with the latest covering SBUS, a relatively new protocol for servos.

SBUS has the advantage of allowing up to 16 servos to be be bussed of a single cable.  The first tutorial in the series is an introduction to SBUS and finishes with commanding a few servos to move.  The second tutorial in the series focuses on reading SBUS packets.  The third tutorial in the SBUS series brings together the PWM and  SBUS tutorials to create an SBUS to PWM converter.

The tutorials use Bolder Flight’s SBUS Backpack.  This handy board has pinned out 8 SBUS outputs for easy integration with standard servo connectors, and it come ready to plug in your Teensy 3.2.

If you want to learn more about controlling servos using PWM and SBUS, it’s well worth checking out these tutorials.