Satellite Uplink System for Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

Fabio Balzano has made an IOT satellite uplink system to send and receive data from and to his remotely operated underwater vehicle.

Scuba diver, sailor and robotics enthusiast Fabio Balzano needed to find a way to connect his remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) with the web to get its telemetry data, but as the planned deployment site was extremely remote, he was unable to rely on radio or even GSM as a way of sending the data. So, he designed and made a system using a Teensy and a Raspberry Pi that is able to send and receive data from and to the ROV via satellite link .

Balzano has written a number of build logs that follow the progress of this project over on, where you can also find descriptions of some of the tools he used and a schematic for the hardware in his prototype.