Rotary Shortcut Button

Benni (Tinker-Fun) made custom USB shortcut button to use with your favorite software.

In his work, Bennie uses drawing software and was wanting the functionality to quickly activate the full screen and do things such as rotate the drawing sheet.  After looking at a few commercially available devices, he decided to make his own custom USB device that he could program with the specific functions he wanted.

The device has a single click, double click, turn left, and turn right functionality.  The configurations include:

Double Click: Fullscreen
Turn left: Rotate sheet left
Turn right: Rotate Sheet right
Normal click: The LED ring start to blink and you have now new features:
Turn left: Undo last step
Turn right: Redo last step
Normal click: Back to normal Setting

You can find some additional information about the project on his web page.

Code for the project can be found on GitHub.