Radio Music DIY Eurorack Module

Tom Whitwell of Music Thing Modular created Radio Music, a DIY virtual radio module.

Radio Music is not a radio.  It is a eurorack module sample player that behaves like a radio and is designed to be a source of unexpected audio.

This module works on a series of banks and stations, just like a radio.  It uses a Teensy 3.2 to play files from an SD card to simulate a voltage controlled AM/FM/Shortwave/Time Travel radio.

This module is extremely versatile and can be turned into a different module simply by changing the firmware.  The Chord Organ firmware that synthesizes chords.

Radio Music is open hardware with extensive documentation available on GitHub.

To learn more about Radio Music, check out this great 5-part series from Voltage Control Lab that covers topics such as preparing samples and alternative firmware.

You can purchase a Radio Music DIY kit from Thonk.  It includes all the parts needed to build your own.  The kit features maker-friendly though hole parts.  Here’s a time lapse video of the assembly