Portable Sampling Synth

Prajwal Mahesh created this sampling synth inspired by OP-1.

Teenage Engineering make some of the most desirable, intuitive, and innovative synthesizers and other consumer devices available on our planet. But innovation costs, and the latest OP–1 field is a $2000 investment in sonic bliss. So what is the humble maker, short on cash but long on hardware hacking ability to do? For Prajwal Mahesh, the answer was to grab a Teensy 4.1 and a copy of the Teensy Audio Library to create his own sampling/synthesizing/sequencing groovebox!

Prajwal has documented the project thoroughly on his blog, made the hardware and software freely available on GitHub, and posted copious demos and build updates to YouTube. If you’re looking to create your own hardware DAW, or even just to be inspired by a journey that started with the Teensy Audio Library and has already arrived as a seriously impressive clone of the world’s premier consumer electronics designers’ magnum opus, we highly recommend studying this Teensy-based portable groovebox project.