Nintendo 64 Controller Emulator

We see a lot of gaming console emulators for Teensy, but Ryzee119’s Nintendo 64 Controller Emulator caught our attention for its mimicry of accessories for use with a real N64.

In addition to emulating up to four controllers at once, this Teensy 4.1-powered marvel can emulate controller accessories, such as memory Paks, Transfer Paks (for Game Boy data exchange), mice, keyboards, and the Rumble Pak haptic device.

The device takes advantage of Teensy’s USB host capabilities (and cable), and only requires SRAM and a microSD card for basic usage, plus N64 Controller Extensions to connect to the console. An optional display, PCB, and case enhance your emulation experience further. Since it is USB-based, most Xbox-compatible wired controllers should work, as well as Bluetooth 8BitDo controllers via their Wireless USB Adapter, and Xbox 360 Wireless via PC USB Receiver. Firmware, schematics, and detailed usage instructions can all be found on GitHub.