NDLR – MIDI Sequenced Apreggiator

Darryl McGee and Steve Barile of Conductive Labs have developed the NDLR (pronounced Noodler), a 4-part poly sequenced arpeggiator, chord and drone player based on the Teensy 3.2.

The guys at Conductive Labs came with a unique solution to break down music theory into knobs and controls. The NDLR has four parts that can play up to 8 synths.  The PAD part is a chord player.  Press one of the 7 chord buttons and all the other parts change notes to match.  There are also 2 “Motifs” which are sequenced arpeggiators.  The Drone part can play a single continuous note like a traditional drone does… or choose from various retrigging options, such as having the note retrigger on a chord change, the down beat, every beat, up beat, etc.

Among the many advanced features packed into the NDLR is a pattern and rhythm editor that lets you create custom arpeggios.  You can also save your patches and settings for later recall with the 8 global slave slots, 20 user patter slots, and 20 user rhythm slots.

You can get a NDLR through their IndiGoGo campaign

This video is of a performance by Graig Anthony Perkins using the NDLR.