MultiDrum and VCO Firmware for Radio Music Module

Raphaël Hoffman, a Belgium-based engineer who runs the one-person company Hora Music, has produced two alternative firmwares for Music Thing Modular’s Radio Music—a popular module used in the DIY modular synth community.

The MTM’s Radio Music is a widely-appreciated virtual radio Eurorack module that includes 16 banks and stations. The Complex VCO firmware (which also works with MTM’s Chord Organ module) features a complex oscillator built using a vult transcompiler which allows for morphing between sin and tri waveforms. These waveforms can also be folded up to 16 times to generate rich harmonics.  The second alternative firmware—MultiDrum—is its drum machine counterpart. It includes three “analog” sounds (kick, snare, and high hat) created from models instead of sound samples as well as 6 LinnDrum samples including: kick, snare, clap, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, and cymbal. Users can set the sample decay and play 2 samples simultaneously to create more complex patterns. Both of Hoffman’s firmwares are based on the Teensy 3.1 and are available for sale on the Hora Music website.