MIDI Controlled Barrel Organ

Sometimes a project comes across our desks that just makes us laugh, in the best possible way.

This was the case with the Hamlet Organ, the creation of luni64’s daughter. If you just want to hear the most adorable sound ever to come from a Teensy, skip to 2:00 in the video below, but try to stick with us as we share a little more about this Teensy 3.6-powered MIDI-controlled barrel organ.

This amazing 3d-printed instrument uses MajicDesigns’ MIDI parser to read MIDI files from the Teensy’s SD card, combined with Adafruit’s PCA9685-based 16-channel PWM driver to control the 16 servos that control the organ’s 16 valves.

OK, now you can listen to the charming little tooting sounds in the video below: