MAME – Arcade Machine Emulator

Teensy forum member and M.CU.M.E retrocomputing emulator innovator Jean-Marc is back with yet another emulation project, this time in the form of a MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) port and accompanying handheld hardware.

Memory limitations mean that games are spread across several projects, but several hundred are supported overall.

Hardware consists of a Teensy 4.0 and ILI9341 or ST7789 SPI display plus an analog thumb joystick and three buttons. While pictures show a perfboard assembly, there is a KiCad PCB file in the repo, which should facilitate reproduction of the optional I2C keyboard, itself powered by a dedicated ATmega328P.

While sound is not yet supported, and emulation is limited to fairly old hardware, it’s still pretty cool to see Konami’s 1981 hit Scramble running on a DIY handheld. Watch more classics demoed in the videos below, and grab the source and pinout/PCB on GitHub.