LetsGO Remote Show Controller

Swiss engineer Mike Utz has created an effective cue controller called the LetsGO which allows users to trigger cues for QLAB, Ableton Live, and GO-Button remotely.

Mike┬áproduced two versions of the software: one which uses a simple button or remote control interface and a second version which includes integrated audio and MIDI interfaces using an LCD display. Both models are driven by a Teensy 3.2. You can find the source code for the entire project on Github if you’d like to try your hand at creating your own LetsGO. The repository also includes in-depth troubleshooting info., schematics, parts list, and everything else you might need to build your own version of the project. As Mike points out, show control software can be very expensive, but the LetsGO can be built for under $200 which is a great option for theaters, artists, and other working professionals in the entertainments industry who are operating on a tight budget. You can see some of Mike’s other sound control inventions on his website.