Teensy TV: JPGs on an Analog TV

Hardware hacker Hypothete has hooked up a Teensy 4.0 to an analog TV, to display JPG and PNG images in the NTSC video format.

This Teensy is taking in uploaded jpgs and outputting an analog TV signal?! I'm interested! … Thanks for bringing in and sharing your project @hypothete! More info at github.com/hypothete/teensytv

Posted by Ctrl-H on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The cozy hackerspace Ctrl-H in Portland runs an event twice a month called DorkbotPDX, which is where Hypothete came to show off Teensy TV, their super cool analog TV hack. The Teensy TV is made up of two parts: a Teensy 4.0 running an Arduino sketch, and a Node.js server sending data to the Teensy.

The whole project has been written up over on Hypothete’s GitHub, including wiring instructions, code and reference linksĀ if you want to dive further into the world of analog video hacking.