JawsFX – Guitar Pedal With Shark Proximity Looping

What do you get for the Jaws fan who has everything? Pio’s (HexeguitarDIY) custom Jaws-themed guitar effects pedal with “shark proximity” looping feature! Like the classic movie, result is terrifyingly impressive!

A custom PCB houses an NXP SGTL5000 audio codec and filters, plus a TI CD4053 MUX/DEMUX for bypass, with a second board adding analog pass-through, wet/dry audio mixer, relay-based stereo bypass, and four reverse-mount status indication RGB LEDs driven by an NXP PCA9685.

A Hammond 1590S enclosure with custom graphics wraps it all up in a beautiful package.

The software allows the looping of audio from the film, with increasing “shark proximity” intensity, as well as playing of quotes from the movie, and a stereo plate reverb on the guitar path. An automatic lowpass ducker helps keep the focus on the incoming guitar so that the background sounds stay in the background.

Check out a demo in the video below, and if you want a really annoying earworm in your head for the rest of the day, click on the hidden easter egg demo below that … !