Floppy Disk Keyboard

Teensy ends up in a lot of keyboard projects.  Choosing the “best” Teensy-based keyboard is difficult, this is strong contender for “slowest!”

Everybody’s favourite hardware necromancer, foone, has created an outrageously arduous input device that uses 29 unique floppy disks to painstakingly “key” in letters, one at a time.

The device consists of a PC floppy drive, with a USB adapter, which is in turn connected to a Raspberry Pi. The Pi reads the floppy’s volume label on insertion, and then uses a Teensy LC to send the character to a connected host as if it were a normal USB keyboard.

The whole thing is then shoved into a SCSI Magneto Optical drive for good measure. 29 disks provide A-Z, !, space, and a shift modifier. Marvel at the video below, in which they manage to spell out “Hello world!” in…well under five minutes!