Euroshield by 1010Music

The folks at 1010Music have released the Euroshield, a Eurorack and audio interface for Teensy.

Euroshield allows users to customize their own synthesizer module.  It uses the standard Eurorack power systems as well as standard patch cords for input and output of standard Eurorack level audio, CV and MIDI signals.

A few of the features include:

  • Two audio inputs and outputs using the Eurorack -5V to +5V standard
  • DC coupling allows audio ins and outs to be used as control voltage connections
  • MIDI input and output via 3.5mm TRS minijacks
  • Board design allows mounting in Eurorack while exposing the Teensy
  • Built-in controls enable users to create a fully functioning product:
    • Two knobs
    • One push button
    • 4LEDs
  • 10 demo Sketches include sample code for filtering, reverb, and VCO.