Console Emulators Collection

Jean-Marc Harvengt has done some pretty amazing work with a collection of console emulations, including the Atari 2600/5200, NES, Colecovision, and Philips Odyssy.

Jean-Marc was inspired by  Frank Bösing’s work on emulating the Commodore 64.  Currently the collection supports the Atari2600, Philips Videopac/Odyssey, colecovision, NES and Atari 5200 consoles; and the Zx80/Zx81, Zx Spectrum, and Atari800 computer cores.

All the emulators support both ILI9341 TFT and VGA output.

There’s some pretty amazing work going on here that brings up some serious nostalgia.

Code for the collection is available on GitHub.