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Xodus Amplifier Upgrade

Travis Brown breathed some new life into an old amp by adding  a retrofitted display, a motorized volume knob, and improvements to the housing.

Years ago Travis got his hands on an old Ford Probe Audio Amp.  He got it working and improved the housing for it.  Years later he re-visited the amp and did a few upgrades on it, including a motorized potentiometer for volume control, a new housing, and a new display screen. His website has a great write up on the project.

Electronics in a Jar

Koka Nikoladze came up with a creative solution to house his fragile prototype – electronics in a jar (not to be confused with Whiskey in a Jar)

The project sends a midiNote 127 with the velocity 127 when you touch the metal pin by sensing capacitive touch.  When the prototype was done on a solderless breadboard it was a bit fragile.  Koka didn’t want to wait for a PCB to be made, so he spent $1.40 at IKEA on a jar.  He drilled a few holes in the top and made a secure enclosure for his project.

MAX9814 Microphone Module for Teensy

NeutronNed has developed a microphone module for Teensy – great for wearable sound reactive projects. You can buy it on Tindie for under $10. There is some great discussion over on the forum.

Here’s a nifty test video by forum user Potatotron

This module is designed for Teensy boards and has the proper signal voltages for use with the audio library.  It uses the MAX9814 – a high quality, now noise, pre-amp chip.  This module is designed to work directly with the Teensy analog inputs – you don’t need the audio shield to use this module.

If you are doing any project that requires a microphone and a Teensy, go buy this now.