ARDOP – HF Radio Modem

Developer Tom Lafleur has created this development board for testing a new HF radio modem called ARDOP (short for Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol) for use on the Winlink network.

Winlink is a global radio email service that uses radio pathways to communicate in spaces where the internet isn’t available. Winlink is used by Amateur radio operators worldwide, as well as the Red Cross, TSA and many government agencies who use it as an alternative method of relaying information in spaces where the internet can’t reach. The service is developed and maintained by volunteers via the Amateur Radio Safety Foundation.

ARDOP, which can be used on a number of operating systems and devices, is compatible with both HF and VHF radio transmissions. The protocol can operate over a wide range of data rates by automatically adjusting for optimized performance under poor multi-path conditions.

Lafleur’s development board makes use of the full processing power of a Teensy 3.6 as well as the 16 bit ATD and 12 bit DAC. The board features aux, radio frequency control, and can interface with a PC or tablet via serial or Bluetooth 4.2.