Low Cost Doppler Radar

J Beale took a low cost dopler radar and used a Teensy 3.2 and the audio library’s Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) function to improve the sensor range.  This is a really cool project.  He used the audio library for a non-audio project to make an inexpensive radar module work much better.

More information about the project can be found on this forum thread.


Addressable Dressable LEDs

Rafael Mizrahi created illuminated clothing using addressable LEDs.  This video shows about 300 WS2811 LEDs going up to 30 frames per second. Addressable LEDs really make for some amazing costumes.

Syphon, and open source technology for Mac OS X, was used to transfer video frames from Resolume to a Teensy though serial output.  The Teensy then drove the LEDs.

More information on the project can be found on Rafael’s blog.


The University of Applied Sciences in Vienna developed the FlipMouse, a replacement for a normal PC mouse to be used by people with motor disabilities.  This project really improves PC accessibility to those who need an input device other than a standard keyboard or mouse.

The full project information can be found on the University of Applied Sciences web site.

The design and source code files are open source and can be found on GitHub

FLipMouse Parts
Assembled FLipMouse


Whole House Audio Controller

Dave Harper used a trio of Teensy boards to develop a ZigBee based whole-house audio controller.  It’s pretty awesome that he was able to  emulate an expensive commercial amplifier with this DIY project.

The Teensys emulate one of three MDS-6 audio amplifiers, each of which has 6 source inputs and six stereo zone outputs.  The amplifier requires one serial input line and three LED output lines per zone, making the 24 I/O line Teensy a perfect fit.


One Thumb Keyboard

Vitaly Minko created a tiny One Thumb Keyboard (OTK) using a Teensy++ 2.0.

The OTK provides customizable buttons to create your own useful shortcuts.  The tiny form factor allows it to be attached to a bezel of screen for easy access.  The OTK is particularly useful for creating shortcut keys for something like photo or video editing software.

Details of the project can be found on Vitaly’s great website.

Discussion about this project can be found on the PJRC Forum.


Starting New Blog

Years ago I used to add photos and links people emailed to this Teensy projects page.  I’ve also occasionally written blog articles on the DorkbotPDX site over the last 9 years.

Recently at Maker Faire I talked with Mike Szczys, about writing and sharing of knowledge in the Maker Community.  I’m determined to step up my writing game with this blog!  Robin & I also want to restart showcasing the many awesome projects people make with Teensy.