16 Note Polyphonic MIDI Synthesizer

Software Engineer by day, DIY synth hobbyist by night, Mark Culross invented this 16 note, 2 voice MIDI synthesizer

based on a Teensy 4.0 and the Teensy audio board.

Culross, who develops hardware in his spare time, was ordering a PCB from OSHPark when a Teensy board popped up as a optional add on. Mark had never heard of a Teensy before but thought he might as well go ahead and order it to see what he could make with it.

When he discovered the Teensy audio board, he knew immediately what he wanted to make. Mark’s project and his reflections on the trials and tribulations of the build are well documented in his forum post where in addition to the technical details he also shares the link to his source files, schematics, and photos on drive. To help provide an idea of the synth’s capabilities, Mark has recorded and shared numerous videos of the synth in action playing everything from circus music to Bach’s Toccata and Fugue.