Click Canvas

Natthakit Kim Kang designed and built and incredible interactive LED installation, Click Canvas.

The project was developed to display at Yolo House, a creative space and gallery in Bangkok.  The installation features 187 LED boxes in a 17 x 11 grid that change colors when users press them.  It uses a Teensy 3.6 to control 2,244 LEDs.

Be sure to check out the project write up over on  Kim has a great write on the process of developing and installing the project.

Jump North Jumpsuit

Fashion tech designer Rachel Freire designed Jump North, a custom jumpsuit that senses where the direction north is.

The project was a commission as part of her residency at KOBA, an electronic textile tailor shop on Germany. Rachel decided she wanted a version of the “Northbelt” built in to her jumpsuit that would allow her to always sense where north is. Jumping triggers the north-mode on and off. When you sit still for too long the belt will start to “purr”, waking you up, encouraging you to move as a travel companion might, or relaxing you as it causes you to focus on the sensation.

Code for the project is available on GitHub

Check out this flikr photo gallery for more photos of the project

Trio of DIY Eurorack Modules

Scott Pitkethly (aka unicornpower on the forum & cutlasses on his blog) developed a trio of Teensy based DIY eurorack modules – Glitch Delay, Audio Freeze, and KhronoKrusher.  They all fit together in a nifty little lunchbox.

We posted about the original Glitch Delay module back in June.  The Audio Freeze module allows you to record samples and play them back with added effects.  KhronoKrusher is a lo-fi delay module that takes advantage of the new reverb effect (using Freeverb) added to the Teensy Audio library relased with Teensyduino V 1.42.

This video shows the Audio Freeze module in action.

Scott’s blog has some great information on the modules including details about how the modules work.

Code and schematics for all the modules can be found on Scott’s GitHub repository.