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DmxSimple Library

DmxSimple, by Peter Knight, allows you to control up to 512 DMX lighting dimmers.

Download: Included with the Teensyduino Installer
Latest Developments on Github

DmxSimple only transmits. Ward's code can receive DMX on Teensy 3.0.

A serial-based DMX library for Teensy 3.x with Transmit & Receive is now available.

Another serial based DMX library is also now available with direct hardware access & optimized buffering.

This MIDI to DMX Instructable may also help, for efficient transmit-only code on Teensy LC, 3.2, 3.5 or 3.6.

Hardware Requirements

TODO: document connections, show photos - Andy confirms it works (Teensy++ only)... need to find someone local with a DMX dimmer pack so I can test and take a good photo.

Basic Usage

DmxSimple.write(channel, brightness);

Set the DMX channel (1 to 512) to brightness (0 to 255)

Example Program

/* Welcome to DmxSimple. This library allows you to control DMX stage and
** architectural lighting and visual effects easily from Arduino. DmxSimple
** is compatible with the! DMX shield and all known DIY Arduino
** DMX control circuits.
** DmxSimple is available from:
** Help and support:       */

/* To use DmxSimple, you will need the following line. Arduino will
** auto-insert it if you select Sketch > Import Library > DmxSimple. */

#include <DmxSimple.h>

void setup() {
  /* The most common pin for DMX output is pin 3, which DmxSimple
  ** uses by default. If you need to change that, do it here. */

  /* DMX devices typically need to receive a complete set of channels
  ** even if you only need to adjust the first channel. You can
  ** easily change the number of channels sent here. If you don't
  ** do this, DmxSimple will set the maximum channel number to the
  ** highest channel you DmxSimple.write() to. */

void loop() {
  int brightness;
  /* Simple loop to ramp up brightness */
  for (brightness = 0; brightness <= 255; brightness++) {
    /* Update DMX channel 1 to new brightness */
    DmxSimple.write(1, brightness);
    /* Small delay to slow down the ramping */


Please visit the official DmxSimple web page for detailed information.