Pins (header), 24 pins, 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) spacing

HEADER_24x1 Pins (header), 24 pins, 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) spacing $0.59

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This 24x1 size is normally used with Teensy 3.5 or Teensy 3.6 or Teensy 4.1. Two of them are required, one for each side of the board.

These high quality header pins have 15µ" gold plating. Cheap header pins have unspecified "gold flash", which often means as little gold as possible (sometimes only a slight yellow tint), or even just tin plating. If the mating side will be plugged into a socket only once, heavier gold plating probably isn't very important. But for durable long-term use plugged into sockets dozens or even hundreds of times, good quality gold plating makes quite a difference.


Header Pins must be soldered to make reliable electrical contact.

Placing the circuit board loosly onto these pins does not work.

Technical Information

Mating side has 15µ" (0.38um) gold plating.

Recommended PCB hole diameter is 0.040 inch (1.02 mm).