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Teensy® 2.0 Development Board

Discontinued TEENSY Teensy USB Board, Version 2.0 $16

Inventory Status:Out Of Stock
Last physical count:Jul 20, 2022

Update, July 20, 2022: Teensy 2.0 is no longer available from PJRC, but some stock may still be available at EXP Tech - with pins (Germany), Watterott (Germany), Fab to Lab (India), Open Circuit (Netherlands), Learning Developments (New Zealand), Nettigo (Poland), HobbyTronics (UK), 3D Maker World (USA), Adafruit (USA), Digikey (USA), Mouser (USA) Tinkersphere (USA), Sports Internet / Amazon (USA)

The Teensy USB Development Board is a complete USB-based microcontoller development system. Only a standard Mini-B USB cable (sold separately) is needed to connect to a PC or Macintosh.

This version has solder pads for all I/O signals. The Teensy is also available with the header pins to plug directly into a solderless breadboard.

All Teensy boards are shipped assembled and fully tested.


Teensy 2.0 has a total of 25 input/output signal pins. 22 are easily accessible when used with a solderless breadboard.

This pinout reference card comes with Teensy 2.0.

Pinout Card Files: Front Side (PDF) / Back Side (PDF)

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