MP3 Player, 24x8 Character LCD Display

This display has been discontinued. No more will ever be available from PJRC.

Sold Out MP3_DISPLAY LCD Display For MP3 Player, 24x8, with Pushbuttons and Cables $42

Inventory Status:Out Of Stock
Last physical count:Aug 26, 2009

The $42 display package includes all the items needed to use the display with the MP3 player: the display board, the small board with 12 pushbuttons, a ribbon cable attached to the display board, and a 4 pin cable to connect the pushbutton board to the MP3 player. The display board comes with the 1.0 display firmware loaded, so it is ready to use with the MP3 player by just plugging the 4 pin cable into the LCD port on the player.

image of the display with pushbutton board

This LCD kit includes the LCD with a programmed firmware chip installed, and a ribbon cable attached to the connector on the LCD board. The pushbutton board and 4 pin cable are also included.

contents: LCD with ribbon cable and firmware, pushbutton board, and 4 pin cable

The only assembly required is to plug the ribbon cable connector into the pushbutton board (the polarizing notch prevents backwards connection), and then to connect the pushbutton board to the mp3 player using the 4 conductor cable (also polarized to prevent backwards connection).

Techknowman's Backlight Kit

Backlight kits for the LCD are available from Techknowman. Here is a photos of an LCD with Techknowman's backlight added. He has them in several colors. He also offers LCDs with the kit pre-installed (installation requires disassembling the LCD).

Backlit LCD

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